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Medical Insurance

Every international student in the university must have an adequate medical insurance for the period of study.

In case of insured accident within insurance valid period, the IAO informs the insurance company in order to compensate treatment costs. If the valid period of insurance is over, a student takes all treatment paying responsibilities.

In case of academic leave, expulsion or moving to another university, the insurance given to an international student will be valid at the territory of the RF within the paid period.

In case of illness a student must apply to the medical station (the 3rd dormitory, the 1st floor) or straight to the students’ hospital (st. Teatralnaya, 28) and inform the IAO about it. On Sundays, holidays and in the evenings a student must call the emergency medical service (call 03 for stationary telephones, 030 - for Megaphone and MTS, 003 - for Beeline, 112 – for all mobile operators). A student shall have a passport and the insurance.

Medical Insurance fee = 4000 rubls.