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Visa Support


Foreign citizens who plan to study in Russia need an invitation to apply for Russian visa. At least two months before the intended entry to Russia foreign students must contact Amur State University International Office and provide the following documents:

  • Application form;
  • Copy of the passport's vital pages (with personal data and photo). Passport must be valid for at least 1,5 years;
  • 4 documental photos or a digital one (a full-face photo without sunglasses and/ or a headwear) on the white background (45x35 mm);
  • Registration fee – 4000 rubles (for degree programs) or 4800 rubles (for non-degree programs).

An invitation shall be issued by the Migration Service within 30 days after the petition.


After entering the Russian Federation, foreign citizens must be registered in Federal Migration Service (FMS) within seven days from the day of their arrival in Russia. For this purpose foreign students must come to the International Office and show the following documents:

  • passport;
  • migration card;
  • visa;
  • payment for registration (500 rubles).

Registration procedure is very important and must be followed each time when foreign students cross the border and come to the Russian Federation.

Multiple Visa

Term of stay of the foreign citizens in the Russian Federation is defined by a period of the single visa validity. So, a foreign citizen can stay in Russia totally no more than 90 days (it concerns student single entry visa or working single entry visa for those who are invited to the Russian Federation as lecturers for giving lessons). For the extension the term of stay in Russia it is necessary to apply for multiple entry visa. For this purpose the following documents are necessary:

- passport;
- migration card;
current visa;
1 photo on a white background (45x35 mm);
- payment for multiple visa (3000 rubles);
study contract.

The multiple students/working visas shall be issued by the Federal Migration Service within 20 days after the petition. After getting the new visa it is necessary to go through procedure of registration (see above).

If a foreign citizen wants or must continue studying or teaching he/she must not later than one month before the expiration of current visa contact the International Office in order to extend the validity of visa, otherwise leave the territory of the Russian Federation.