A joint biennale of works of art has been opened by Amur State University and Heihe University

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On July 20th, a Russian-Chinese biennale of works of art has started. On the biennale are presented items, that have been completed by students, professors and graduates from AmSU and Heihe University.

This traditional biennale between Design and Technology Studies faculty of AmSU and Heihe University’s Institute of art and design has received a new way of improving. For now, the biennale is working in VR-format.

Vice-rector for informatization and innovative educational technologies of AmSU – Alexandr Ostapenko has shared his thoughts with us: “This year, our joint biennale has become a platform, that connects traditional art and new technologies, moreover this platform help both of our Universities to cooperate and share experience of teaching design and art discipline. VR-styled biennale helps us to avoid problems of distance and time, and, also, such biennale type allows many visitors to join this exciting event”.

Universities have collected 180 and more works of art, like graphic design, environment, costume designs, drawings, that have been drawn with gouache, oil paint, watercolour drawings, lacquer paintings, ceramics and sculptures.

As Dean of the faculty of design and technology - Elena Korobiy said: “With every presented piece of art you may feel the connection between master and student, see a reflection of the author’s world outlook and attitude, every piece of art is just like a door, that invites us to watch how is the author’s world looks like behind it. Such events are extremely useful for professionals, as for beginners. Here beginners may express their own thoughts in artful way; as for professioanls, they may exchange their own experience, ideas, methods.

You can look at the Russian-Chinese works of art on the site by clicking on this link.