Happy Russian Students Day!

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Dear students of the Amur State University, we wish you a happy Russian Students Day, also known as Tatiana's Day!
When we describe our students, words such as initiative, talented, creative, sporty, active, hard-working, studious and ambitious come to mind. Your holiday, celebrated on the 25th of January, is a good reason to look back at your achievements in your studies, scientific and social activities, sports and arts. Your youthful ambitions and power help you reach new heights.
The period of studying at secondary vocational training and higher education institutions is one of many important parts of a person's life. These years mark your first steps into your independent life, the search for your personal calling and what you want to do later down the life, not just your studies. In the future, you will have to make important decisions and make your dreams and bold plans come to life.
We wish you academic success, inexhaustible amount of energy, positive emotions and good health. We hope your student years are fruitful and that you will remember them for many years to come. Please don't forget your groupmates, teachers, especially your university, and honor it with your accomplishments, projects and ideas.