International students were told about tea drinking traditions

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On the 19th of January the students of the Amur state university visited the Amur regional museum of local history. The students attended an exposition "About tea" that was dedicated to tea drinking traditions. The excursion was especially organized for the students of the preparatory department, for foreign citizens and students of bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs from China, Gabon, Mali, and for the students of Chinese Studies Department.
Young people not only looked over samovars and porcelain tableware for tea drinking, but also learned a lot of new things. The museum staff told the visitors how samovar was used for making tea, its history and the history of tea itself. The students had a tea party with Russian pryaniks and baranks and took part in different activities.
During a short break the students observed some other museum expositions. Most of the time they spent in the hall that is devoted to the Evenks – young people tried on the costumes of indigenous people of the Amur Region and took photos to remember. The cultural program ended with a workshop of clay painting. The students were given rabbit-shaped workpieces – a symbol of the year 2023, so they could paint them with acrylic paints.