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Researchers from the AmSU took part in the International Scientific Workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing.

The II International Research Workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing was held at the Munich Technical University online from October 4th to 7th. The specialized scientific event brought together more than 40 participants from 9 countries. The representatives of the AmSU, namely the members of the laboratory of Mathematical Modeling of Complex Physical and Biological systems participated in the event.

The workshop focused on such areas as "Mathematical and computer modeling of physical and biological processes", "Numerical Methods for Solving ODE Optimal Control Problems", "Computer technologies and data analysis in engineering and bioinformatics", "High-performance scientific computing for physical and biomedical applications".

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Anna Maslovskaya represented the Amur State University in the workshop program committee. In addition, scientific reports were presented by Lyubov Moroz (“Numerical simulation of polarization switching kinetics in ferroelectrics based on fractional Kolmogorov-Avrami model", L. Moroz, T. Barabash, A. Maslovskaya, R. Brizitskii) and Anna Maslovskaya (“In silico studies of bacterial quorum sensing during population dynamics: simulations by COMSOL Multiphysics", A. Maslovskaya, Ch. Kuttler, Y. Shuai). Young researchers and graduate students Samvel Sarukhanyan, Yixuan Shuai and Ivan Shevkun took an active part in the work of the sections.

The workshop was held in an atmosphere of active scientific discussion. The Program Committee noted a fairly high level of the reports presented. Based on the results of the review, the materials of the workshop will be published in an international refereed publication.