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On June 11, Amur State University hosted the First Russian-Chinese Youth Forum of Scientific, Technical and Innovative Achievements. The joint event was organized by Heihe University with the support of the Department of Science and Technology of Heilongjiang Province and Amur State University. Involving students in scientific and innovative activities is one of the most important priorities for the development of science at AmSU.

The purpose of the forum is to expand friendship and cooperation between China and Russia in the scientific and technical field. University centers must accumulate efforts to develop technical innovations in order to meet the high requirements for the training of future specialists. It is these specialists who will have to put these initiatives into practice, said Andrey Plutenko, rector of the AmSU.

The online event was attended by scientists and students of natural science areas of training, youth research teams of the two countries. Public presentations of their developments were presented by 10 people - 5 from each university. Another 32 poster presentations were prepared by students of ASU and 35 by students of Chinese universities.

The organizers expect to make the Youth Forum of Scientific, Technical and Innovative Achievements a traditional event. Next year, we would like to involve other universities in Russia and China to participate in it with projects.