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Unique textbook on the Russian language presented at the AmSU

The textbook "I Understand!" was written by Yana Starodub-Afanasyeva and published with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation. The presentation of the book was held at the Center for Advanced Vocational Training at the Amur State University on October 1st. The publication of the textbook was made possible by the support of the Amur State University which became the main platform for the Presidential Grant Program implementation. The vice-rector for Academic and Scientific Work, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Andrey Leifa gave a welcoming speech to the team of methodologists and their students, as well as to the author of the textbook in absentia.

The Chinese students were in the spotlight at the event. They showed their skills acquired during two months of studying with the textbook.

This festive event is the result of not only the author’s innovation and methodological efforts, but mainly of the long-term work of the Department of Literature and World Art Culture with the Chinese students. The team that is implementing the textbook into practice largely consists of the Laboratory of Frontier Studies members. These are the people who have been engaged in Russian-Chinese interethnic, intercultural, and interlanguage relations on the borderland for many years. Among them are the Russians and Chinese, candidates and doctors of philological sciences, as well as master's degree and post-graduate students (Zabiyako A.A., Zinenko Ya.V., Alekseenko M.L., Tsmykal O.E., Ye Yanyan, Zabiyako V.A., Morozova M.K., Martalog D.P.).

The concept of the book is that all the experience and knowledge accumulated by our colleagues over the years of cooperation with China on the territory of the Far Eastern frontier is implemented into practice of teaching "Russian as a native language".

The bright, colorful, multifunctional edition aroused keen interest among the guests of the presentation and was presented to students.